Monday, December 15, 2008


I posted this in a comment to another person's blog. He seems like a nice guy, but his position on red headed people is a bit odd. NOTE that he's British and I'm American ----- cultural differences much?

"What is it that brits have against red heads? If you guys are going to have prejudices, at least have a reason for them!

Like for example, in America:
Racism is a lingering negative reaction to the abolition of slavery, and back when slavery was legal it was a psychological justification for it.

Homophobia represents the insecurities of the hetero world and lots of religious indoctrination.

But anti-ginger sentiments? Hmmmmmmm........maybe it has something to do with the Irish, or Guy Fawkes. Was he a redhead?"

Now of course I'm not justifying any kind of prejudice, I'm just saying that at least ours aren't random!

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