Monday, January 26, 2009

I was never in the Closet.

So I've been reading a lot about how other guys came out of the closet or are coming out on their blogs. Here's my own story:

I was never really in the closet. The second I knew, and often beforehand, everyone else did too. First of all, I'm a loudmouth. In high school I gossiped tons about myself. Second of all, I grew up in some pretty liberal parts of Miami. In most places I think people assume you're straight until they can tell otherwise. Well, I honestly feel like in Miami they don't do that, or maybe I just come off as gay right away. I do seem kinda obviously gay sometimes.

I didn't really accept myself as gay right away, but I never really denied it either. I thought it was a phase, or that maybe I was bi. I had actaully had some pretty major crushes on girls in middle school, so there was a bases for that judgement.

But when I knew for sure, pretty much everyone else did too.

I did have some "coming out" episodes: and here they are.

1. My brother found my livejournal. I had been talking about boys. That's how he knew for sure.

2. Then he told one of my cousins on a plane to Colorado.

3. My parents had told me a couple times they wouldn't care either way. I "officially" told my mom in the car. I'm not sure of the exact wording but it was really just verbally stating what I knew she already knew.

In fact I got a bigger reaction out of her when I told her I smoked pot.

Both of my parents figured it out on their own.

4. I know my dad knew, but apparently he wanted to hear it out of my own lips instead of allowing himself to figure it out on his own. He said he did this out of respect for me, and that sexuality isn't something a parent should just assume of their kid.

I thought that was really great, but annoying because it meant I had to tell him, and I haaaaaate talking to my parents about sex. I absolutely abhor it.

5. Once I was stoned with some of my cousins and I said "Ok I'm going to tell you guys something. You know I'm gay, right?" and they said "Duhhh. Sean why are you making such a big deal about it."

6. I can't remember if I've told my grandmother or not. Haha! But she called my bestfriend my boyfriend once, and my aunts all say she knows. So, that's done.

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