Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Economist


me - Hi Mom

mom - Hi Sean

me - How are you......blah blah blah (obligatory conversational pleasantries)

me - So I've been reading The Economist and I'd really like a subscription. It's 50 dollars, because it comes once a week.

mom - Sean, that's too much.

me - Will you split it with me?

mom - No. I'm getting you Vanity Fair anyways.

me - Yes, and thank you, but The Economist is more expensive and I can't afford it on my own. I could afford Vanity Fair.

mom - Do you not want Vanity Fair? I haven't sent it in yet.

me - No, no, I do want it....but it's not something I would ask for because it's only 10 dollars and I would be embarrassed to ask for that because I can afford it. The Economist I can't afford and I'm getting rather addicted to it.

mom - Can't you read it online?

me - Weeeeeeell yeah. (How do I justify it now? In addition to not getting the Economist, I'm toast.)

mom - Well, there you go.

me - Um, ok. (I'm 22 and too old to beg, although I know the real reason doesn't have to do with it being too much money. It has to do with me being 22. Splitting it would not be too much money. But, I'm still in college and poor as a door mouse. What should I do? Go without, I suppose. Buuuuut it's the Economist, so It's educational. I thought parents still paid for that stuff. Wait.....I just took out my first school loan....ok fine they don't pay for that stuff anymore. damn)

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