Sunday, January 25, 2009


O.K. that boy stopped liking me. I don't know what it was exactly although I have some ideas, and honestly I'm okay with that...I guess. I really did like falling asleep next to him, but I don't think we had much in common, and well....I don't know. Maybe I'm too weird for him anyways.

I have to look for a summer internship. I wish I was more upset about the economy, I wish I was more upset about my grades, I wish I was LESS upset about being alone sometimes. My life used to be much more passionate then it is now. Part of that was probably the Adderoll I was on, but part of it was just having a more interesting life. But it's fine. My life is on break right now while I'm in school. The adventures will continue after I graduate.

I did have a lot of sex about a week ago. 4 nights with 3 different guys. Since that's probably the highlight of my month, you can see how routine my life is here. Oh, well.

Remember when livejournal was really popular? Everyone I knew seemed to have one...I was a lot more revealing on mine then other people were I think, and I loved telling stories of my life on it. All my friends read it, but most of the stuff I post on here they could read anyways...I haven't said anything really bad yet have I?

Maybe I'll blog on Facebook. Maybe.

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