Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Other Gay Bloggers

Why do so many Gay Bloggers seem to have such perfectly fabulous lives? A well-to-do London banker having hot sex in Bangkok, a kid in Beverly Hills, a pr-athlete, a guy who somehow gets everything because of how muscly he is, a kid who constantly talks about how popular he is...etc.

First of all, I understand of course that they all have issues and nobody has a perfect life...half of them aren't even out of the closet actually...secondly I'm literally asking WHY? constructively, why? Is it because they have great lives that they blog, or is it just a correlation? Do they talk about their lives because the lives seem worth talking about, or do people who blog tend to be wealthier, more educated, and more interesting then the majority of society simply because it is those traits that make good bloggers?

Certainly people with more money have more computer access, and more educated people are probably more introspective and self analytical - a necessary trait for a good blogger. On a certain level social norms dictate to us that blogging is an activity more commonly done and more accepted by exciting young progressive people (who very often have pretty cool lives anyways), and people who have something good to talk about. How often do you see the uneducated rural poor blogging? Sure, it may happen, but not very often.

Finally, the blogs that are more visible are probably the more popular blogs, and popular because they are interesting. The people writing them lead "cool" lives.

O.K. well I guess I'm a little less jealous of Mr. "I just had hot sex in Bangkok."

But it still sounded like a lot of fun.

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  1. LOL Sean, I guess you're talking in part about one of my recent posts! Let me assure you that my life is far from perfect - I may well be splitting up with my boyfriend P this month (perhaps even later today when I speak to him) :-(.

    Actually your comment about bloggers being "exciting young progressive people" is interesting, but I'm not sure you're completely right. I wouldn't at all describe myself as "young", and I think it's because I'm a bit older and have had more experiences that I can sometimes write interesting posts. Your profile says you're only 22 years old. If, many many years later you're still blogging when you reach my age, I'm sure there'll be younger guys who'll be jealous of your life!

    GB xxx